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    Biloela — Wild Cockatoos, Leila Jeffreys

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    When I find the perfect rock on the ground to add to my rock collection


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    cats are squishy cartoon friends that live in your house with you and do rad stunts. if they like you they vibrate at you very loudly. this is somehow a real animal

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  6. Reblog if you’re a HUGE FUCKING FURRY

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    Margabal, France

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    Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2013

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    learning to draw is like driving on the highway like yeah sure you need to be watching other people but you REALLY need to focus on your own lane and your own destination or youre gonna follow that stupid fucking minivan all the way to tuskegee and then what. you didnt want to go to tuskegee. why did you follow that van look now youre in fucking tuskegee.

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    tumblr you can keep your glorified nostalgia about the wild thornberries and tony hawk’s pro skater and getting to hold the flea-ridden stuffed lion during the d.a.r.e program and what have you because THIS right here.  now THIS was the essence of the 90s


    oh man it took me literally 2 seconds of this video to remember exactly how the rest of it went

    I hated this commercial. Turns out I still hate it.


    I CAN’T FUCKING STOP LAUGHING its as awful as i remembered it

    i cant quite explain this commercial and how it came back to me like

    i couldnt remember the exact words by heart but. everything they said chimed in my head like a song i’d heard a long time ago. it was almost rhythmic, buried deep in my memory. it was probably the most bizarre way ive ever remembered something.

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    She literally just presents evidence of deeply entrenched misogyny within a medium, in a systematic, calm, logical, and articulate way.

    But she’s called a “bully” for pointing out how misogyny. She’s called misogynistic slurs just for having well spoken…

  14. tir-ri:

    Don’t step on the octos, dear.

    Wendy taking her youngest, Melusine, for an underwater stroll. They met a whole lot of curious residents pretty soon (it’s always crowded down there). °_°

    Painted with fine watercolors and gouache on Daler Rowney paper.

    Prints in my shop. Thank you for stopping by! 

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  15. meteor-falls:

    Vending Machine Series 1
    Area 5: Cerulean Cave

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