1. empartridge:

    baby got lost playing with brushes in the photoshop hole

  2. This is Miko, a champagne pink fox

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    To paraphrase a great ninja “I can only remove my mask once in order to escape into the anonymity of my face. And there’s no way in hell I’m wasting it on a damn bagel.”

    People always ask me how I eat through my mask. Here’s a demonstration.

    Bringing this gem back.

    goddammit ninjka you make-a-me laugh!

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    Awesome Nintendo Animations

    By Various Artists

    Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

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  6. cloudstreamer:


    Goat gives it all it’s got

    goat: mwaahh

    dude: aww, that’s so wimpy, come on, give it all you got! GO!

    goat: mwaAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!

    dude: yeaaah

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    i’m not very good with this new computer yet

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    messymessy how do u draw dicks

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    I didn’t know there were twenty thousand vegans on tumblr!!!

    You can be against animal cruelty and not be a vegan

    You can be against animal cruelty and not be a vegan

    Also given the fact some vegans wilfully neglect their pet’s diet for personal belief reasons you can in fact be a vegan and be ok with animal cruelty when its convenient for you.

    ^^^^ Reblogging especially for that last comment.

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  12. large-carnivore:

    what about using google glasses for this?

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  13. fireandshellamari:

    when people upset the friends



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    Tumblr: spreading the world apart, one group at a time.

    THIS is the shit that bothers me with tumblr

    when social correctness literally loops back around to bite its own ass

    Cultural appropriation isn’t real, this world is full of fearful overly-sensitive idiots.

    holy shit.

  15. asylum-art:

    Andrea Forti & Eleonora Dal Farra - alcaro

    [ NB: This design post is fabulous, you can believe me.
    look at it slowly and then try to see the beauty of the stone blocks. yes it’s really ingenious and beautiful. Try to see
    differently, detect beautiful things! and read texts. thank you ]

    An Dolomyth aims to capture the complex relief of the Dolomites, which is rich in forms and the result of a successful and harmonious combination of structural shapes and climatic conditions.

    alcarol retrieved blocks of local stone from an abandoned quarry. This stone is partially covered with native mosses and lichens giving it a surface that captures the geographical maps of the Dolomite’s mountains. In the vertical section planes are clearly visible the different layers of geological sedimentation, with shades ranging from antique pink to gray. The top surface of the blocks  is the rough and wrinkled natural surface of the rock, unsanded and not worked by man. alcarol has preserved this “skin” marked by time using a resin resembling the water in which these stones lay submerged through various geological eras, freezing the present instant and endowing the blocks with new functionality and new design.

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